Raphael Saadiq's 'Good Man' is the latest single from the artist's forthcoming fifth studio album, 'Stone Rollin',' set to be released on May 10. Starring Chad Coleman from 'The Wire' and the stunning 'America's Next Top Model' season three runner-up and 'The Kids Are All Right' actress Yaya DaCosta, the video, which debuted on Spinner this morning, features Saadiq as the narrative voice of the limo driving protagonist, Good Man.

Directed by Isaiah Seret, who prefers that the piece be received as a film, 'Good Man' is set in the early 1970s and exposes the story of two lovers who fall apart, struggling with lust and longing, while exploring the dichotomies of social climbing and humility. In Saadiq's own words, "Good Man' tells the story I've seen many times in my own life. Everything around that man can be bad -- his occupation, lifestyle, friends -- but underneath all of it, he is ... a good man."

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