For a television star, Donald Glover sure has a lot to say about the Internet. His rap alter ego, Childish Gambino (he took the name from, of course, a rap-name-generating website), recently released the appropriately titled "F--- Your Blog", a tune that helpfully lays out how to beef with someone in this age where Twitter wars are the new dis songs. Courtesy of Rap Genius, we're looking at the top 3 lines from the track.

3. "Saw your blog on Thursday/You only re-blog S--- Girls Say/You didn't re-tweet my birthday/All your comments say 'first's are so gay"

Gambino goes for blood in this one, mocking his blogging antagonist's lazy habit of re-posting material from the popular S--- Girls Say Twitter feed and leaving lame comments in online forums. But the rapper's hurt obviously goes deep, as refusing to publicly acknowledge one's birthday on the Internet is apparently the "you didn't bring me flowers" of the 2010s.

2. "On that s---, take a whiff/Move in silence like a .gif"

It wouldn't be a song about the Internet without a reference to those moving pictures everybody loves to hate, animated .gif files. Whether it's that "I'm Watching You" thing or "Haters Gonna Hate", everybody has that moment of weakness where they think one is funny. And they're always wrong.

1. "Man, racist on your page -- you should be on Key & Peele/Is that really how you feel? N---a, the Internet isn't real"

Key & Peele is a new sketch comedy show that is so popular even the President likes it. The eponymous comedy duo who run the show often play around with racists' stereotypes of African-American culture, and Gambino compares those gross generalizations to the overt racism that his cowardly blogging enemy feels safe letting loose in the anonymity of the Internet.