Rap Genius is supplying The BoomBox with the top lyrics of the week and serving a meaning behind the raps in the process. From Fabolous' 'There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3s' mixtape to fighting words from The Clipse's Pusha T on a freestyle over a Common beat, here are the Genius Rap Lines of the Week.

5. "You're preying on the bitches with the lowest self-esteem/ It's a common running theme," -- Pusha T, 'Sweet Freestyle'

Pusha T throws himself into the long-simmering Common-Drake beef with this line -- spat over a Common beat -- that places him firmly on the Chi-town MC's side of the fight. Just as Common often says, Pusha T agrees that Drake isn't a player -- he's a pretender who picks up girls with low self-esteem.

4. "My cup full of Texas/ Flowing on that OVO jet, yeah I said it," -- The Weeknd, 'The Fall'

While Drake was taking a beating in line No. 5 above, he got some love from his crew member The Weeknd here on line No. 4. After bragging about his cup being full of purple drank -- the painkiller-laden drink that originated in Houston, Texas -- The Weeknd boasts that he was on Drake's October's Very Own private plane, dubbed the OVO jet. And even though stuff like flying on a private jet is why people call Drake and The Weeknd soft, he's not afraid to admit it.

3. "And I touched my first 45/ When Jordan was wearing that 45/ And I couldn't ball, I was like 4'5" -- XV, 'Learn to Fly'

XV first got his hands on a 45mm pistol back in 1995, during that brief period right after Michael Jordan came out of retirement when he wore No. 45, since his customary 23 had been retired by the Bulls. But unlike MJ, XV was a little runt at the time -- only 4'5" -- so he wasn't exactly "his airness."

2. "The top five, least I see myself inside/ Cause who f---ing with us -- "us" being me, myself and I?" -- Crooked I, 'Sweet Freestyle'

Pusha T wasn't the only one freestyling over Common's new single 'Sweet.' Crooked I takes the opportunity here to boast that he's not only among the Top Five rappers in the game right now, he's posting up on three of the top five spots -- me, myself and I are all up there. We're not sure Crooked I should be in one of those top spots let alone three, but you have to give the guy some credit for confidence.

1. "My n---- moved so much Britney Spears/ They gave that boy Kevin Fed time" -- Fabolous, 'You Don't Know Bout It'

In one of those clever couplets Fabolous never ceases to spit, he tells us that his boy sold so much cocaine -- also known as white girl, hence the Britney Spears reference -- that the government sent him to federal prison -- Kevin Fed time. Of course the Kevin Fed is a reference to Britney Spears' former husband Kevin Federline, who come to think of it, might end up in federal prison once he can no longer cash in on his D-List celebrity status with reality show appearances.