RainaRich is here to take the '90s babies back to the silky suit-wearing era of R&B. For her debut project, The Box, the singer is covering five songs from a time when music was soulful and sexy -- plus she's got visuals to match.

In the first installment, RainaRich takes on Jodeci's 1995 hit "Freek'n You." The Maryland native even dons a complete all-white '90s look -- durag included. She also shows up in a black bra and baggy pants, her hat turned to the back and a leather jacket. "I would give anything just to make you understand me," she sings.

New York City's landmarks like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty serve as the backdrop of this self-directed effort. "It was overall funny taking on the 90's male R&B persona. They were the OG's of pelvis thrusting. In a lot of the takes I was holding back from bursting out laughing," RainaRich tells The Boombox.

RainaRich, who said there's "nothing out that sounds like" '90s R&B now, will continue to release videos from her project every Thursday until Nov. 19. Covers will include SWV's "Downtown," Montell Jordan's "Let's Ride," 702's "Get It Together" and Mya's "Movin On."

As for her Jodeci cover, there's a simple reason why she chose to cover the "bad boys of R&B."

"Cause I'm a freak! It is a sexy joint. I was too young to relate to this song when it was out, but it is one of my absolute fav throwbacks now" she states.

The Box is inspired by the former network of the same name, which was dedicated to playing '90s music videos. RainaRich also reveals her project is dedicated to another kind of "box" found below the waist. Wink, wink.

Watch RainaRich embrace the '90s above.

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