Though it's still early days for the recently 'rebirthed' Wu-Tang Clan, founding member Raekwon the Chef has revealed that the group has begun work on their sixth studio album (and first since 2007's '8 Diagrams').

"It's kind of early to announce a new album right now," he tells the BoomBox sister site Spinner. "We've been working on some things, though."

Pressed for details, the rapper, whose production disagreements with producer and fellow Clan member RZA over the divergence from the 'classic' Wu-Tang sound on the collective's last release led to Raekwon's RZA-less album 'Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang,' was quick to add, "As far as Wu-Tang goes, it's something that we really got to get together first for."

The insinuation backs up the speculation that, despite recent touring, all is still not fully healed in the camp.

To add further fuel to the fire, Raekwon, whose working on his own tell-all autobiography, admits he was frustrated at the accuracy and promotion of last year's group-approved behind-the-scenes documentary, 'Wu-Tang Saga.'

"It gets a little weary because everything don't be really so much facts [sic]," he sighs. "But that be the other guy's opinions on how they want to promote it. I'm used to it. My life ain't a movie, so I just got to let it run out."

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