Wu-Tang's resident chef Raekwon recently released a mixtape entitled 'Brinkz Boys Presents: Cocainism Vol 2,' featuring production by Alchemist, DJ Scratch and EZ Elpee and guest appearances by Mobb Deep and Nore.

To get a little further insight into 'Cocainism,' The BoomBox sat down with Rae and talked about his freebasing the mic on the new tape.

"I'm a slanged out fella, so I'm constantly thinking of different things to say," Rae explained. "I just I liked the word [Cocainism]. I was buggin' out, I was thinking of something that defines my talent, where I'm at right now. Being that I'm in a raw position, a raw state of mind, I figured 'Cocainism' would be something that brothers would be like, 'What the hell is he doing with this one?"

When asked about the reception that Rae's 'Cocainism' mixtape has received, Rae said "Everybody respect it, they love it. It ain't like it's just a tale of crack, you know what I mean? That's how I'm expressing my crack right now, it's just that raw right now; raw talent, fresh rhymes, fresh beats. All of this is raw right now, so people been respecting it."

Though the mixtape appears to be the second volume of 'Cocainism,' Rae made sure to point out that it's actually the second Brinkz Boys mixtape. He also promised a third volume, to drop in the next few months, as a teaser for his new album.

"There s another one that people ain't hear yet [dropping] in like another three months, or something," Rae explained. "We just gave out a bunch of new product, so we gonna let everybody marinate with that for a second. Then in a couple of months we probably hit you in the head with something else before I drop [forthcoming album] 'Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.'"

Download 'Cocainism Volume 2' here.