It's been five months since Raekwon teased his fifth studio album, 'Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang,' by dropping the album's lead single 'Butter Knives,' an OG rap about hustlin' in the hood. Rae channels that sentiment in the low-budget video for what he calls "one of the illest songs on the album," directed by Derek Pike & Woodworks.

"Get that little n----/ Who give a f--- if he's a swordsman, I'm a gunman, I run from nothing," raps the Chef from a stairwell in the clip, as a young thug runs for his life through Staten Island's Park Hill Projects. "I got butter knives, like you got butter knives /Come through huddling, run through the spot thirty times."

Raekwon talked about going back to his street hustlin' days for the video. "You know how n----s be standin' in front of the building and police jump out? Lot of n----s know that all you got to do is make it to the building; 'I make it to the building, I'm good." Rae explains. "That's why this video takes me back ... I remember police jumping out of cars and chasin' us and all we tryin' to do is make it to the crib."

These days Rae runs from nothing. The Wu-Tang Clan man is currently on tour through June promoting 'Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang' and has announced plans for an autobiography.

Watch Raekwon's 'Butter Knives'