Raekwon is back in the kitchen and there's no sign that he's intending to slowdown the assembly line any time soon. The Wu legend is gearing up to release 'Wu-Massacre,' his first collaborative album with Ghostface Killah and Method Man, while also teasing a new solo record called 'Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang'. He also continues to run his own imprint called H20 and recently discussed day-to-day label operations with Entertainment Weekly. You've got to wonder when he sleeps.

"One thing about my company, we all try to communicate every day," explained The Chef. "I feel like if we don't, that's going to be the weapon to destroy us. Even if it's holidays, we still gotta check in. I gotta be involved every second of the day. Maybe that's some of the s--- that makes my days a little harder to sleep. We're signing different artists, and I always gotta cater to my fans on the Internet. All this type of s--- is always in my head to remember."

Rae is hoping to build H20 into his own version of a Young Money or Bad Boy. In addition to dealing with lyricists honing their skills in the Wu-Tang image, the rapper is also trying to develop a new artist named Little Justice for the teen set. For Rae, part of creating a sustainable future is moving off the streets and providing a product that the younger generation can enjoy.

"I got a young cat coming out of North Carolina, he's 11 years old," said Raekwon. "His name is Little Justice. I think he's going to be the next Lil Romeo or the next Bow Wow. I want to help them be able to teach kids their age, too. I got children. I want to show them that, hey, y'all can't listen to what we talk about, but y'all can listen to what he's talking about.... It's a positive side to what we're doing as well, other than just talking about so much of the street life, the other things that we talk about. Shorty will be my protege when it's time to speak on that level to the younger generation. That's important to me."