Veteran Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon has finally released his new album, Fly International Luxurious Art, in stores today (April 28). Before you spend you hard-earned money, you can listen to what Rae is cooking up via an album stream on Spotify.

The collection features 13 tracks and a plethora of guest features. Previously released songs “I Got Money” (featuring A$AP Rocky), “1,2 1,2” (featuring Snoop Dogg) and “Wall to Wall" (featuring French Montana and Busta Rhymes) are on the LP.

Also on the album, fellow Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah on “Revory (Wraith)” and “4 in the Morning," British singer Estelle appears on “All About You” and 2 Chainz makes a cameo on “F.I.L.A. World.”

Many of the songs on the effort feature the Chef detailing gritty street tales involving drugs, gangsters and torture.

For example, on the stirring “Live to Die,” Rae details a fake gangsta rapper getting beat down for perpetrating a fraud.

“Bloodied out, ears was ripped, they know he loved his music / They poked him twice, his gear was ripped / Ninja-style n----s whipped him with his Benz belt, broke his arm / Crushed his whole arm with welts,” he raps.

On “4 in the Morning,” Rae and Ghost tell a vivid gangster narrative about “Irish blood gangsters” and some minions who cross their path.

F.I.L.A. doesn’t come close to Raekwon's classic album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (which is a lofty goal in itself), but the Wu-Tang rhymer can still spit that lyrical hot fire alongside today’s rap stars.

If you want to cop Raekwon's F.I.L.A., you can do so right now at iTunes.

Listen to Raekwon's Fly International Luxurious Art Album

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