In the latest edition of his Throwback Thursday series, Raekwon spits hard rhymes with a smooth delivery on his new track 'Flawless.' The song also features a sample of Luther Vandross' 1988 song 'For You To Love,' which works extremely well.

However, it's the veteran lyricist's reflective wordplay on the cut that immediately grabs your attention.

"Rap made it happen back when / Two turntables and a needle, action / We all huddled up, that's it, classic s--- / Only our kind adapt to s--- / Start rhyming about cracks and piff, cash to get / Call it cream now, no grind don't ask for s---," he raps.

Even though the Wu-Tang Clam rhymer has been dropping buttery rhymes like this since the '90s, it actually seems like he's getting better with age, lyrically, as he approaches each song these days. Raekwon injects a quiet confidence that can only be obtained from being in the rap game for 22 years.

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Listen To Raekwon's Song 'Flawless'