We all remember R. Kelly's "R&B Thug" days. Well, looks like Kels is returning to his tough-guy image with the new dis track 'I'm a Beast,' which has recently leaked onto the Internet. The singer resorts to yelling/rapping on the track while asking, "What's it going to take for you n----- to realize that I'm a R&B boss?"

It's not clear what sparked the singer's latest musical tirade, but it could be directed at a number of people. Kelly is being sued by R&B sensation Ne-Yo's camp for dropping the younger singer from Kelly's 'Double Up' tour. He's had prior public beef with Jay-Z and a rumored disagreement with Young Jeezy.

"I would call out some motherf-----' names, but it's so many of you motherf------ hatin.' Song ain't motherf----- long enough," Kelly proclaims at the end of the song. Sounds like Kelly means business.