R&B star R. Kelly has announced plans to complete the album he began recording with Michael Jackson, before the singer's death. Kelly says he had recorded several songs with the King of Pop, which he is determined to finish and release. "Michael liked the way I would try to sing the songs just like him," Kelly said, in a recent interview. "I recorded five joints for [him]."

Apparently MJ had quietly been planning a comeback album, collaborating with popular producers and songwriters like Kelly, Will.I.Am, Akon and Ne-Yo. Kelly discussed the sessions, and his own recordings, which they had taped in his basement studio, saying "We had been talking on the phone about his new album, and I was going to finish what Michael was doing at the time."

Kelly and Jackson have successfully collaborated together in the past; Kelly wrote MJ's 1995 hit 'You Are Not Alone,' and more recent singles 'Cry' and 'One More Chance.'

While the future of Michael Jackson's unfinished album is relatively up in the air, Kelly is resolute in his plan to release the songs he worked on. "We're going to get it out," he exclaimed.