R. Kelly proclaims himself a 'Genius' of a different variety on the latest single off his upcoming album, 'Black Panties,' which finally has a release date.

Perhaps he didn't want to give away the lyrical content of the track, but this bedroom-ready track probably should have been titled 'Sex Genius.' Why? Because as he says on the hook, "Tonight you are lying with a sex genius." He also notes that he plans on pleasing your body after being blessed with the insight (no joke) to do exactly that.

Yeah. This is Kellz at his most painfully obvious in terms of subject matter, but he makes it work thanks to his always-potent songwriting and impossibly chuckle-worthy lines about kissin' thighs and other graphic imagery. Few others can really pull this off, so that fact in and of itself makes this track worth a listen or two.

You can stream 'Genius' below. 'Black Panties' is set to drop Nov. 11.