R. Kelly's 11th solo album, Write Me Back, has officially hit shelves, and the eccentric singer recently stopped by Radio One Miami's "Russ Parr Morning Show" to explain the meaning of his second single off the effort, "Feelin' Single."

"'Feelin' Single' is about a good feelin'," Kellz explains in the interview. "It's not so bad to feel single. Single has its up points. You get to go out, you get to mingle. You ain't gotta worry about callin' or checkin' in with no goddamn body. You can take as many drinks as you want with your friends -- you can do certain things when you're single."

Click here to listen to the interview in full, and find out why Kellz recently broke up with his girl and penned "Feelin' Single."

Write Me Back was once again written and produced almost entirely by Kelly, continuing in the Philly soul and funk vein heard on his 2010 LP Love Letter.

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