Questlove has earned himself a reputation as a man of many talents, but The Roots drummer is currently gearing up to add author to his long list of creative endeavors.

According to his site OkayPlayer, Quest plans to release a memoir, tentatively titled 'Mommy, What's a Questlove?' He will reportedly combine his vast musical knowledge with first-hand stories about his life in the music industry, complete with tales of celebrity encounters. No release date has been set for the book as yet, and it may be more than a year before it actually hits stores.

The Roots released their most recent album 'How I Got Over' in June, but the group has been busy on the promotional trail for 'Wake Up!,' their collaborative album with John Legend. The Roots will join Legend in New York City on September 23, to perform the album at Terminal 5, just two days following its official release. Spike Lee will be on hand to direct a live webcast of the show, which users can stream on YouTube and music video site Vevo.

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