It appears that Questlove’s first entry into the food game has come to end. The Roots drummer announced he’s shutting down his Stephen Starr-backed chicken drumstick stand Hybird. The New York eatery opened in May, selling $4 drumsticks, plus biscuits, dumplings and "Questolicious" cupcakes.

In an 800-word essay posted on his Facebook page, Quest typed an elegiac tribute to his restaurant mixed with rap quotes from A Tribe Called Quest and 2 Chainz as well as prose from William Shakespeare.

"Fool disclosure (once more w/ feeling): most of you know that i stay on my culinary grind and a few months back i opened up my hybird stand in chelsea market w/ restaurateur steven starr. long story short, we closed hybird (but you sorta know that... don't you?)," he writes.

A few paragraphs later, he adds, "After a lifetime of balancing art and commerce i find myself once again at the fork knife and spoon in the road. And unlike my other jobs this venture isn't survival based (as you know... "I be riding around and getting it"). if anything its from the heart (my real one) and it's not satisfying that heart it's not satisfying at all. and so bye bye birdie."

In the end, Quest blames poor sales as the reasoning behind the closing of Hybird. Although he's shutting down the spot, he’s marinating his next food project.

"Stay tuned for part the deux, deux (I'll be back but for now just seckle)," he writes at the end of his post.