Questlove is weighing in on the never ending beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim, and according to the Roots drummer, the discrepancy between the two ladies is nothing more than a "love fest."

The musician took to his Twitter page to share his thoughts on why the female MCs just can't seem to make amends. "It's my personal belief that dissing/verbal (well & actual) pugilism is the most intense form of LOVE," he wrote. "Where your intent is to affect/infect 'em to the highest degree. I know that sounds contradictory (displaying harsh actions as a sign of affection) but if you see this in somewhat of a shakespearean (or maybe the hero/sidekick narrative of The Incredibles) one can only conclude that if Nik REALLY hated Kim ...... she would do the most painful act of hate .... which i pretty much know from experience (as loved and hated) the surefire slow burning-last-scene-in-kill-bill-way-to get under ones skin .... is to act like they never existed [sic]."

Quest also warned that if they aren't careful, the beef could move away from music and turn violent, which, he noted, is not so far-fetched. "Long as this don't end up the way kim's last beef ended with Fox (member the hot97 shootout which pretty much landed kim where she is now) I say let 'em battle and continue this lovefest."

Minaj, who was rather quiet after Kim showcased the cover art for her 'Black Friday' mixtape, recently struck back at the Queen Bee with the 'Tragedy' diss track, where she likened Kim to Raggedy Ann.

Kim has yet to hit back at Minaj but the continuous disagreement has been profitable for the elder rapper. After waiting several weeks, fans finally received their copy of her 'Black Friday' mixtape in the mail last month. The 35-year-old claims to have netted $1 million in just one day, from selling the album via PayPal.

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