Human beings are a flawed species with a flawed history, but luckily, time offers the chance to heal old wounds and repair old mistakes.

Although society has long compartmentalized, hated and judged those who align with a lesbian, gay, queer or transexual identity, current culture is more accepting than ever before of these individuals.

As Frank Ocean's infamous letter outs the singer as bisexual, a glance should be thrown back to other queer pioneers within the R&B, rap and hip-hop community, which Details magazine has done for their October issue.

Six gay MCs who openly rapped and sang about their sexual identities within a musical culture that is notoriously close-minded about issues of this nature are featured in the issue.

Read profiles on the likes of Mykki Blanco, Nicky Da B and Cakes Da Killer, artists who refused to be pigeonholed or stopped by their sexual orientation, and who also refused to keep quiet about it. See photos and read their stories here.

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