For years, Queen Latifah's personal life has been scrutinized, especially when it comes to who she has by her side. Whether or not the rapper-turned-thespian is a lesbian -- she has never confirmed the reports despite being photographed sharing a tight embrace with rumored girlfriend and trainer Jeanette Jenkins -- she has no problem sharing her sentiments about her fondness for women.

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, the 41-year-old New Jersey native detailed the kinds of women that catch her eye. "I just like ladies who have class. Period," she revealed. "And if it's "T and A" you're sellin', that's fine, as long as that's what you're selling."

However, Latifah, who has seven albums to her name, including 2009's 'Persona,' isn't a fan of ladies who share a little too much skin. "But you don't have to show everything, you know?" she stated. "You can hold some back and just be yourself and let your personality shine and let your individuality show. To me, that's sexier. A confident woman is a sexy woman, in my opinion. And I think guys find that to be the same way."

The 'Joyful Noise' actress may have curious minds racing over her sexual preferences but her remarks during the conversation are playing towards a male-female relationship. "You don't have to put it all out there to attract a guy," Latifah revealed. "Because what kind of guy are you gonna attract? What is he really looking for? If you wanna be a booty call, I guess you can throw it all out there... But if you're looking for a relationship with someone who respects you and respects things other than your body-your mind, your spirit, your personality, your smile-then you have to kind of exude that more so than just yo' booty and yo' t-----s."

On the music front, Queen Latifah was the star of Dolly Parton's Los Angeles show recently, as the country darling, who stars with the actress in the 2012 film 'Joyful Noise' -- a story of the two trying to stop the breakup of the Pacashau Gospel Choir, a group of singers down on their luck -- rapped and centered on Latifah during her rhymes.