As one of New Jersey's most successful entertainers, Queen Latifah is becoming an official part of the state's history. During a press conference yesterday, Governor Chris Christie announced the newest additions to the New Jersey Hall of Fame, with Queen Latifah and 12 other nominees included for the June 5 induction ceremony.

The Newark native, whose real name is Dana Owens, will join fellow Jersey-ites Tony Bennett, Martha Stewart, John Travolta, Bruce Willis and more at the Hall of Fame event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Last year's nominees included Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon and more, while previous inductees include Frank Sinatra, Albert Einstein, Toni Morrison and Harriet Tubman.

Since the release of her debut 'All Hail the Queen' in 1989, Latifah has had several successful phases of her career. As a musician, she counts two gold records to her name, with albums spread across rap and smooth jazz genres. Her foray into acting has earned her nominations for Emmy and Acadamy Awards. Outside of entertainment, she is a spokeswoman for CoverGirl, Jenny Craig and Pizza Hut, and has her own perfume line dubbed Queen.

Watch Queen Latifah's 'Go Head'
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