Over 10 years ago, the rambunctious Kanye West once rapped, "Racism still alive, they just be concealing it" on his song "Never Let Me Down." According to Pusha T, it's prevalent in Virginia Beach.

In an interview with Billboard, the 38-year-old rapper gave details about experiencing "blatant racism" at a Virginia nightclub and how he was denied entry because of his skin color.

"The only reason that me and my friends didn't fit the mold was because we were black,” he states.

Earlier this week, Pusha shared his story on Instagram, slamming Venue 112 and claiming that the owner told the doorman, in a whisper, not to allow him and his friends access. Pusha says the owner wanted the doorman to tell them that the club was a guest list-only affair.

"I wanted to tell people that I wasn't exempt from it either," he shares. "People may think that I have it easier in some ways, but this shows that racism even overpowers business. I understand what other members of my community are going through."

Fellow Virginia native Pharrell even chimed in on the controversial issue by posting a picture on Instagram with the caption: "Where there is repression and local ambition and recreational expression, there is deadening of culture. The 757 will not support establishments that practice bigotry."

Check out some of Pusha's posts in which he belittled the racist owner and warned everyone to stay out of Venue 112. Looks like this guy has a lot of explaining to do.

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