"Drug dealer, been that n--ga half my life," Pusha T raps on 'Tick, Tock.' The rapper has made a career of rhyming about peddling drugs. Now, he shares the story of how his parents, found out about his trapping.

A guest on Shade45's Sway in the Morning show, Pusha recounted that a news segment highlighting Virginia Beach's drug problems prompted his parents to investigate his neighborhood. Upon doing some digging, they ended up finding P's brother slinging. Pusha says, "They drove out there and they see him. They're like 'What in the hell is going on out there?'"

Once his brother was kicked out of the house, Pusha ventured into the world of drugs too. A fight with a rival ended up bringing violence to his family's front door. "One time, somebody owed me some money and we got into a scuffle," he says. "The guy came back and shot in front of my parents' home." The rapper's family eventually realized the violence stemmed from drug dealing and were shocked. "It was very disappointing," he says. "I can't ever make them feel like that again. Even going forward, that was always my main concern."