For many rappers, doing a quick club appearance is part of the job. If they're not performing, they usually show their face, say a few "turn up" phrases on the mic and take some photo with fans. But if they decide to double up on bookings at various clubs, owners aren't too keen on losing money from party-goers who don't want to see the same famous faces. Pusha T pressed his luck and is being taken to court for his actions.

According to TMZ, the 'Lunch Money' rapper is accused of making an appearance at two nightclubs within 15 days of the other one, breaching his contract. The owners of Cameo nightclub in Miami filed a lawsuit detailing Pusha's agreement to appear at the club on Aug. 16. The deal he made with Cameo banned him from appearing at any other clubs within 30 miles of Miami-Dade County for 15 days before or after the gig.

The Clipse member didn't stick to the script and just one day before his Cameo date he showed up at Dream nightclub on Aug. 15 for a celebrity hoops tournament. As a result of Pusha attending Dream, he's accused of costing Cameo $13,000 in sales. Their reasoning is that fans and the usual bottle poppers don't want to see the same artist when they were at a similar club just days earlier.

Cameo is suing for their lost revenue.

Pusha addresses the lawsuit in his new Kanye West-produced song  'Lunch Money.' "You might have caught me on TMZ / Cameo tryna sue a n---- / F--- 'em / 'Cause I party hard like there's three of me," he spits.

Other than those few lines, Pusha has not made any more comments about the pending lawsuit.

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