The Source has two coke rap connoisseurs gracing the cover of the November issue: Pusha T and Rick Ross.

The cover arrives after the two released the video for their collaboration, 'Hold On,' yesterday (Nov. 13). It also coincides with notable firsts in their careers. For Pusha T, this is the first cover he receives for a major print magazine as a solo artist. For Rick Ross, this cover comes before the release of 'Mastermind,' an album which has contributed to the longest recording process of his career.

In their respective interviews, Ross explains why he chose to reference his near-death shooting earlier this year in a track featured on 'Mastermind.'

“Me being in that position that I was in, or that I’m in, it was like ‘maybe the homie was really trying to tell us something, but we just took it as a record. We took it as a song,’ Ross says. "I was like that’s why it was so powerful and meaningful to us as a culture. We’re all fighting for our own existence. Every day we perform, every day you got to go to work, we’re fighting the critics off you, your bosses, your managers, your co-workers of whatever it is. We all on some level relate to those records.”

Pusha T on the other hand has a question looming over him after the release of 'My Name Is My Name' last month: What's going on with that Clipse album? It's coming, but this one may have a little extra help from Kanye West.

“I can talk openly about this right now. Kanye’s down to do it. Pharrell’s down to do it," Pusha says. "Kanye said that if Pharrell wants to do the whole thing, it’s cool, he just wants it to come out.”

The issue hits newsstands on Nov. 26.

The Source