While shooting the video for 'Blocka' in Kingston, Jamaica, Pusha T caught up with Complex Magazine's Noah Callahan-Bever for the first part of the 'My Name Is My Name' documentary.

Throughout the nearly seven-minute clip, the Virginia rapper opens up about various aspects of his career and his life. He explains that he wants to show people from his hometown what they're capable of achieving in the music industry while noting that he could never move to a hub like Los Angeles or New York City. As for why that's the case, he says,

"When you're in a certain area, you become engulfed in the culture of that area. When I go home for just two-three days, the town talk, the town gossip, the town ... everything is what builds my music."

Pusha then discusses what it was like creating Clipse's third album 'Til The Casket Drops,' his relationship with Pharrell, and watching Skateboard P and Kanye West interact with some of the biggest names in fashion. Of course, Pusha adds that he doesn't really care to meet those people himself, but he can respect what his friends are doing.

You can watch the video above. 'My Name Is My Name' drops Oct. 8.

[via MassAppeal]