The feds may be watching him through a surveillance camera, but that doesn't mean Pusha T is staying under the radar in his new video for 'Lunch Money,' the Kanye West-produced song that dropped last month.

The clip opens up with a disclaimer: "In October of 2014 a federal task force conducted a sting operation; what the surveillance cameras captured was nothing like what they expected."

It turns out law enforcement finds Pusha's workers sitting in a trap house, while they dance, play with their guns and collect huge mounds of cocaine on a table. One of the more eye-catching scenes features one of the workers shooting their pistol at the powdery white pile, making it float around the room like snow while another guy dances in it.

"I was taking n----s lunch money / Too bad I was f---in' hungry," Pusha raps in the Emil Nava-directed visual.

The Virginia-raised MC delivers his menacing rhymes as he rocks an array of outfits. He even wears a black furry vest and black bandanna.

He also drives around at night in a convertible with a gorgeous looking woman in the passenger seat. But despite the expensive looking clothes and cars, the video has a certain grittiness to it, which matches the vibe of the song perfectly.

The G.O.O.D. Music soldier is expected to drop his next album, 'King Push' in 2015.

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