In her race to the White House, Hilary Clinton has apparently tapped Pusha T and hip-hop insider Karen Civil to help register voters for the upcoming election. This means from now until November, we may see Pusha making his political press rounds ands keeping his ear to ground in an effort to rock the vote for Hilary Clinton.

According to one of Pusha T’s Instagram posts, the rapper recently received a Facetime request from the former Secretary of State and Civil asking him to help register voters for November's election. This, of course, is a push (no pun intended) to rally urban folks, the youth and women, particularly women of color. In an interview, Pusha discuss the issue of mass incarceration, which hits home for the Bronx native.

“I think I’mma rock with Hilary. I’m rocking with Hilary," he says. "You know there’s a mass incarceration issue that she has really honed in on. She’s honed in on it, of course Obama has been honing in on it, and Clinton was a major part of that when he was in office."

Referring to former President Bill Clinton, Pusha adds, “He’s come out and said it was flawed and I think shes gonna do her best to try to fix that. You know, that sorta hits close to home for me.”

Check the clip above and be on the look out for campaign initiatives to help push voter registration.

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