Since Pusha T confirmed his addition to the G.O.O.D. Music roster, the braided rapper has stirred conversation about whether the Clipse will cease to exist. The rapper spoke candidly about the status of the Virginia rap duo and promised that songs like 'Popular Demand (Popeyes)' and 'Kinda Like a Big Deal' wouldn't be the last works to come from the brothers Thornton, despite their recent separate endeavors.

"We're still making music," Pusha states. "[Malice]'s actually working on a book and a film right now, so his 'down time' isn't so down. It's something we've always discussed just with having the whole Re-Up Gang situation. We were just like we need to expand on the brand as much as possible. If that means putting out a Clipse album, a Re-Up Gang album, a solo album, anything that just makes the brand grow."

As for his solo opus under Kanye West's tutelage, the 'Runaway' collaborator is set to work with a slew of veteran producers. "I'm on my way to Miami this week," shares Pusha, who's also crafting the 'Fear of God' mixtape as a preface to his album. "I'm on my way to Atlanta next week to go sit down with Bangladesh. I'm on my way to go see Pharrell. I've got a few joints from Kanye already. I'm treating every record as album worthy or classic album worthy. We'll take that and dice up and see where everything lands. I'm definitely working towards an album."

With a full workload on his plate, the rapper still makes time to give advice to his hip-hop peers, namely Wale. After Kid Cudi made disparaging remarks about the D.C. native, he called on Pusha to air out his feelings. "I did speak to Wale because he is a friend of mine," the Clipse member says. "He actually mentioned it to me and we just had a brief talk. It was basically just keep making your music and whatever happens happens. I told him I wouldn't really hop on that. They're both talented and both have their fans."