Dealing with struggle, breaking free from from that struggle and then helping to free others. That seems to be the gist of Pusha T and Meek Mill's uplifting cut "Black Moses," which features the Floridian R&B singer Pricilla Renea.

The song is off the Birth of a Nation soundtrack, which dropped today (Sept. 30). The film hits theaters on Oct. 7.

Right off the bat, Renea — who's unique voice instantly grabs your attention — sets the scene for the stellar tune by belting out incredibly visual lyrics.

"Running like I know they coming for me / I'm 'bout to spill enough blood to fill the Red Sea / Fear no evil 'bout to set my people all free / If they crucify me, that's just what it's gon' be," she sings.

Afterward, Pusha talks about slave history and how it pertains to some of the current challenges that black people face.

"Got me shackled up in chains, even made me change my name / But they couldn't trap my mind, this cry for freedom ain't in vain / See, they taught us half the story / Didn't know we came from glory / Years ago we was kings before the boats came and lowered me," he spit.

Then Meek comes in after another soaring chorus from Renea and paints a very vivid picture of hard life in the inner-city and beyond.

"Who gon' love your momma on the drugs? / Little babies that was never loved? So they run into corner store, quarter-water only time they get a hug," the MMG member cleverly rhymes.

You can listen to the full song above and stream The Birth of a Nation: The Inspired Album below, which features other rappers such as Vic Mensa, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Nas and others.

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