Apparently Pusha T's verse on "Runaway" wasn't "douchey" enough for Kanye West. "I'm writing a verse, and I come back to the table, and it's something that I'm feeling, and he's like, 'Naw, but I need more douche bag,'" Pusha told MTV. "I'm like, 'All right, man, c'mon.' So I go back, and he's like, 'Naw, more douche bag!'" Imagine Kanye saying this in the Christopher Walken 'More Cowbell' SNL sketch. What a fun guy. [MTV]

Lady Gaga's new album is...we'll let her explain it. "My album is my Opus of universal identity, my fans have shared their deepest stories, their deepest wishes...their deepest secrets with me. I feel this album embraces their liberation and their future." UGH. [Perez]

Far East Movement recently discussed going double-platinum with "Like a G6." "Thank you. We're grateful to that. That means a lot of people across America are feeling fly and like a G6 and getting slizzard, so thank you guys," FEM member Kev Nish said. Back in September they revealed the meaning behind the song's title. "A G6 is not a Gatorade flavor. It's not a car, convertible, four-door. It's not a watch...But Drake, Drake talks about having G4 pilots on deck, so we said, 'What's flyer than a G4?' Of course, it would be a G6." Yeah, but this "G7" song we're writing is about to get Americans even more slizzard. [MTV]