Four years have passed since Public Enemy released their last album, The Evil Empire of Everything. The quartet consisting of Chuck D, Professor Griff, Flavor Flav and DJ Lord are back to instill some knowledge this year with their newest endeavor, Man Plans, God Laughs.

The gang made the surprise announcement on Facebook with the caption reading: "Man Plans God Laughs - the new album by Public Enemy - available July 14th via SPITdigital." P.E. also revealed the album cover for the new release, which features a chess board atop Chuck D's face. There's a caption underneath the rapper's face that reads, "If WE don't matter, NO lives matter," which suggests the content of the album will be pertaining to the agonizing race issues plaguing the country as of late.

The album will be produced entirely by Gary G-Wiz and Carl Ryder and will be available digitally July 14. For fans eager to go out and buy the vinyl copy of the LP, they'll have the chance to do so on July 25.

Chuck D reveals that the effort was inspired by Run the Jewels and Kendrick Lamar, however it still stays true to the Public Enemy message and sound. "We’re making a comment about the 21st century in this technological yet still political world. It will be able to tell its own story without me trying to talk to it," he told Maxim.

If has definitely been a fruitful year in hip-hop so far, especially with all of the dope albums that have came out so far. Let's see if the veterans still got the juice and can deliver another great project.

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