Last year, The BoomBox broke the story that RZA would be a no-show during a winter Wu-Tang Clan tour because he had prior obligations. Apparently, a promoter in Louisville, Ky., didn't get the memo.

Courthouse News reports that the promoter is now suing the Wu's booking agency for failing to deliver RZA at the Clan's performance in Kentucky on Jan. 5.

The plaintiff, Terry Harper, of a promotion company called Terry Harper Presents, claims that he put down a $16,000 deposit for the show. Held at Louisville's Expo Five venue, Harper said the show "was poorly attended" because the Wu-Tang Clan was missing "the group's most popular member and the biggest crowd draw."

After requesting a refund on the deposit, which was subsequently rejected by Wu bookers International Artist Agency, Harper filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County Court. Represented by lawyers Matthew Steina and Cynthia Cram, Harper seeks damages for breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation.

The BoomBox will be watching as the courts sort this one out, but a simple skim of the blogosphere could have solved Harper's problems. After initial news on RZA's absence from the Wu tour back on November 11, 2010, it was widely reported and no other promoters seem to be making similar claims.

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