Waka Flocka FlameAtlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame just seems like a beacon for trouble.

Though this time it's not a fight or shootout, the controversial young rapper was recently ripped off by a shady promoter, who paid him in counterfeit bills.

In a video shot by one of his entourage members, Waka Flocka is seen angrily inspecting the cash payment he received after his June 17 performance in Houston, Texas, concluding that he was paid in funny money.

"They hit Waka with the fake money?" inquires a member of his crew, filming him after the show. "That's the $5 dollar jumpoff? They printed it on the $5 dollar paper?"

Apparently the Gucci Mane-protege didn't realize that the $10,000 he'd been paid was counterfeit, leaving with a pile of fake Lincolns, disguised as Benjamins.

"That's why I like my s--t in my bank account," says another member of his entourage, as Waka further inspects the bills.

With a mom (and manager) as gangster as his, we're assuming Waka Flocka will be requesting his payment via a more legitimate method, ie wire transfer, from here on in.

Waka Flocka recently dropped the Gucci-assisted remix to his song "Hard in da Paint," which you can check out below.