A Bay area producer and songwriter have filed a lawsuit against The-Dream and Mariah Carey claiming the two stole the song 'My Love.'

In the suit, which was filed on April 19 in San Francisco, Calif., Preston Marshall and Demario Driver allege to have created the original makings of the song back in 2008, which they called 'Are You the One.' The two later played the track for musical marketing associate Jeff Huffman, who promised that he could get the song produced by some big names but never followed through.

Marshall and Driver went on to state that after sending the track over to Huffman, he all but disappeared. "I sent the song to him via email," Marshall said in an interview. "I never heard back from him." Less than a year later the single 'My Love,' off Dream's 'Love vs. Money' was released featuring vocals from Carey. "I was hurt [be]cause you put a lot of time and effort into this. You know, music is my life. I feed my family this way."

The musical duo is seeking $450,000 in damages for copyright infringement, intentional interference with economic advancement and fraud, to name a few. Both Huffman, and record label Island Def Jam are also named in the suit. No word yet on Dream, Carey or the label's response to the matter.