Respected hip-hop producer Tony D died this weekend, after losing control of his jeep in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Tony, born Anthony Depula, 42, allegedly jumped a curb and crashed into the fence of St. John's Cemetery, where his 2002 Jeep rolled onto its side.

Several people rushed to the vehicle, smashing the windshield to try to remove Depula, but by the time they were able to extricate him, he was "blue in the face" and unresponsive. Depula was not wearing a seat belt at the time, and sustained a severe injury to his neck.

"We tried to get him out. He was too heavy to get out through the windshield," said John Skoglund, one of the first people on the scene. He added that "it was a while, a good 10 minutes" before police arrived at the scene, although the police claim they were there within a minute of the accident being called in.

Depula, originally from Trenton, NJ, is largely known for being behind legendary acts Poor Righteous Teachers and YZ, as well as producing for King Sun, Kwest the Madd Ladd and a slew of New Jersey MC's.

The rapper/producer, also known as "Harvee Wallbanga," got his start managing MC Serch of 3rd Bass, and went on to produce and appear on dozens of releases, which can be viewed here. Many say that fellow New Jersey group Naughty By Nature borrowed the idea for their breakout hit "OPP," from a Tony D song, 'Adam's Nightmare.'

Tony D was a legend, he will be missed.