According to reports, Prince Harry of England is working on creating a new music-based reality show, filmed in Buckingham Palace. The show will feature a variety of musicians, over a wide range of musical styles, including rock, country and hip-hop, of which Prince Harry is said to be a huge fan.

The hip-hop artists involved include drum and bass producer/DJ Goldie and rapper Ms. Dynamite, who will work with at-risk youth to help promote more positive lifestyles via working in music. Prince Harry will be hosting a live concert at Buckingham Palace for the show's finale in October.

"Harry has met Goldie before and they get on very well. So when the idea for this series came up he jumped at the chance to work with him," a royal aide said of the prince's involvement on the show. "There's no nasty stuff and nobody gets voted off or laughed at. Harry believes that music can be a way for kids who haven't had the best of starts in life to pull themselves up and get a new chance. It features people from all musical backgrounds, from classical to hip-hop and rock."

Back in July of 2007, Prince Harry and his brother Prince William made the news for appearing at the 'Concert for Diana' in honor of their late mother, where the brothers were seen hanging with Pharrell and Diddy.