Usually youngsters love Soulja Boy, but he can apparently add a few pre-teen rappers to his list of haters. The Richmond, Virginia based group known as the Next Generation Boyz, claim that Soulja Boy stole the concept for the song 'Pretty Boy Swag,' so they recorded a diss record to put the Atlanta native on blast.

Titled 'Drop the Bomb on Em' the group alleges that Soulja Boy opted to steal their music rather than add them to the track. "Time to put it out, you know what it is, you know what its 'bout. You know what you did," the track begins. Each of the three group members comprised of Nigel Brooks (aka Lil Tigg), Michael Caldwell (aka Mike Mike) and Marquise Caldwell (aka Lil Quise) all take shots at Soulja Boy and even threaten to address him face to face. "Pretty Boy Swag,' man you could've put us on/Instead you went out the suckas way and took my song/Even though we little kids we gon' ride too/Next time you do a show in Richmond we gon' slide through."

Honestly, the boys get an "A" for effort but their pre-pubescent delivery is so cute, it's hard to take them seriously. To their credit NGB has created a marginal amount of buzz, receiving over 13,000 views on YouTube since March. According to their YouTube page, the group handed their music over to Soulja Boy during a performance in Richmond, but he never responded -- he just jacked their song. He has since blocked them on the video sharing website and on Twitter, prompting them to send him the following message: "U don't have to like us but [you] will respect us!! We coming!!"