A Pittsburgh rapper is putting the Pennsylvania city on the map for rhyming about muffins but she's no Wiz Khalifa. Shira K. is her name and selling the carb-loaded treats is her game in the hilarious visual for her song 'Pound My Muffin.'

In the video, Shira walks into a bakery holding a muffin and sells her coveted pastry to a man behind the counter. Weird, since she should be the one buying the sweet snack, but nonetheless, the employee hands over a stack of cash to the rhymer, which she eagerly accepts.

"I know you miss this muffin," Shira states on the track's chorus. The muffin in this case doesn't really refer to food but rather her lady parts.

During the course of the video she rides around in a red Camaro with her crew of five black tank top-wearing women. "All he wanna do is pound on my muffin," she raps. "Back and forth, just like monkey in the middle/ Teasing right there while I'm blazing on his fiddle/ If you wanna f--- with me you gotta solve the riddle."

Apparently, Miss Muffin is already getting calls from angry ex-boyfriends who think they're the target of the comedic clip. "bet u thnk this song is about u, dont u? dont u, dont u? it's about SOME1, but it it ain't u. so #RELAX [sic]," she wrote on Twitter.

Check out the muffin mania below.

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