Cali natives Potluck may not be on the mainstream radar, but their work ethic is as comparable to artists hitting the top of the Billboard charts. Signed to Suburban Noize Records, the rap team -- comprised of Underrated and 1 Ton -- have yet to score a major label deal but have nabbed collaborations with the likes of Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab, Murs and Bosko, among others, over the years, and recently released their 'Rhymes & Resin' LP -- their fifth album. Now, the rappers are serving fans the visuals for 'Last Call 4 Alcohol,' a track that appears on the project and features Bosko.

"We make songs about so many topics but 'Last Call 4 Alcohol' is a straight partying song," Potluck tells The BoomBox. "It's about that night you've been waiting for. You're finally off work or school or you've been hustlin' all week and it's time to just kick it and have a good time! Forget all the stress, let's all get together, party big and celebrate life!"

Though Potluck are known for their love of Mary Jane, this clip doesn't solely highlight the herbal product. Here, it's giving shine to libations, ladies and a love of lyrical prowess. Shot at the Key Club in Hollywood, Calif., the scene is one big party.

Potluck, fresh off the release of their fifth LP, embarks on their first headlining tour with Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab and Living Legends' Sunspot Jonz starting Sept. 17. "We have planned this our whole career and it's finally here," Potluck explains. "This is our first headlining tour so we are gonna give it our all and make sure the fans thoroughly enjoy themselves. Glasses, Fab and Sunspot are gonna bring what they got, too. It's gonna be bananas!"

Watch Potluck's 'Last Call 4 Alcohol' Featuring Bosko

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