According to AllHipHop, veteran rapper Positive K -- known for his 1992 hit 'I Got a Man' and 'I'm Not Havin' It,' featuring MC Lyte -- has a new career as a stand-up comic. The emcee -- born Daryl Gibson -- has been spotted onstage telling jokes as opposed to spitting rhymes. Most recently, K hit the stage at the Palmetto Comedy House in Charleston, S.C., where he reportedly referenced back to his old days and threw 'I Got a Man' into his comedy routine.

"Being a rapper is a hard job, so I decided to [do] stand up ," Positive K. told "My guy, Ice-T, said I beat him to the punch, because he said he was going to go in himself."

K went on to suggest that not being able to sell records played a part in him finding a new gig. The rapper released his sophomore album 'Back to the Old School' in 2008, 16 years after his successful debut, but the record failed to chart or make any noise.

Check out the video of Positive K's stand-up routine after the jump.