Diminutive goon Plies is taking his recent chart-topping collaboration/remix with Usher ('Hey Daddy') to another level and, in a recent interview, the rapper admitted that he'd love to team up with Susan Boyle next. "I always bring this up to people and they think I'm just teasin'‚ but Susan Boyle is probably at the top of my list," ' Plies told Us Weekly when asked who he'd like to jump in the bed booth with. "A lot of people look at that as a far-fetched feature or collaboration. From a business standpoint, I watched what she was able to do and create through her own story and it always interested me."

The Fort Myers, Fla. based rapper went on to admit that he enjoys working with up-and-coming artists despite the big name collaborations on his upcoming album. "I get more of a thrill out of working with un-established artists than I do big time artists for a lot of different reasons, Plies said. "It's more challenging to me to be able to work with no-name artists and create a masterpiece than ride the coattails of someone else."

Plies, known as one of the hardest working emcees (next to the now incarcerated Lil Wayne) is set to release his fourth album 'Goon Affiliated' on June 8. And while he wasn't able to catch up with Boyle in time for release, he managed to hook up with Swizz Beatz, Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, and Young Jeezy and Fabolous, who are both featured on 'Look Like,' which made its rounds on the 'net last week.