PliesRapper Plies did a good deed during a recent concert at Florida State University. After noticing a young fan in the crowd he paid the little girl $1,000 to leave.

Plies was set to perform his smash hit 'Bust It Baby,' but felt the little girl was too young to hear the song's raunchy lyrics.

After pulling $1,000 out of his pocket and handing it to the girl, he told her to have her parents take her somewhere "nice."

Although there's no word on why the youngster was allowed to attend the concert in the first place, Plies' actions added a nice touch to an event deemed controversial to some. Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane was billed to headline the event amid the opposition of some students who felt the former trap-star's lyrics were too violent. Gucci later pulled out due to house arrest. He was not able to get the trip cleared as he was forced to remain home leading up to his October 26 court date for alleged parole violation.

The rappers recently collaborated on the song 'Wasted,' which will appear on Gucci's forthcoming release 'The State vs. Radric Davis.' They are also rumored to have a track together on Plies' next album, 'Goon Affiliated.'