Plies could barely wait three months after releasing his 'Goon Affiliated' album to drop a new mixtape. Hitting the Internet earlier today, the Florida-based MC's new tribute to all things "real" is entitled 'You Need People Like Me' and features a mixture of southern bangers, sexually charged jams and a tribute to incarcerated rapper Lil' Boosie.

The tape, which is DJed by DJ Scream, is being plugged as the "mixtape of the decade" in a press quote suspiciously accredited to the "streets & online." Marketing aside, the work does feature a thematic Scarface motif throughout and takes its title from the popular Al Pacino gangster epic.

"45mins away bihhhhhhhhh 2 the BEST Mixtape of the Decade!!!!!!" Plies wrote on Twitter right before the new release dropped.

With fourteen brand new tracks, the release also comes a short time after Plies was relinquished from a civil lawsuit against himself and his Big Gates Records label. At the time, the 'Lose My Mind' rapper was accused of profiting from a shooting at a Gainesville, Fla. club concert.

Download the 'You Need People Like Me' mixtape here. Be sure to check out the buzzed-about songs 'MTF,' 'Do Ya Thang' and 'Really From Da Hood' -- the tape's most legitimate chance to dominate clubs.

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