Plies is known for his signature Instagram posts from "Sweet P---- Satday’s" to his campaign for the presidency. But this time, the Florida rhymer may have just won the award for the Realist Man of the Year.

On Friday (April 22), Plies shared on his Instagram page, an image applauding and supporting women with stretch marks. The “Ran Off on da Plug Twice” rhymer had females rejoicing after he posted a photo of a woman with post-childbearing stretch marks on her flat tummy. But it was his caption that hit home for most of his female followers

In all caps he wrote:

To All My Gorgeous Women: U Don't Ever Have 2 Try & Hide Dis From Me.. As A Man Dis Would NEVER Bother Me Especially If I'm Da One Who Laid Down With U & Assisted In Makin Da Child. An Even If I Didn't I Know A Blessing Came Out Of Dis Whole Situation Which Was A Child... I [heart emoji] U Just Da Way U Are... #UStillGorgeous2Me #ITypeHowITalkSorry"

The message prompted fans to jump on Twitter to commend Plies for being appreciative of the female anatomy and the physical results of motherhood.

This is the realist thing I [heard] from plies In a minute,” tweeted one user. Meanwhile a female follower wrote, "[I] respect plies so much, havin a child is a blessing but insecurities do come out of it, this is beautiful.”

Check out the comments from the Twitterverse below.