Playboy Tre returns to the game later this month with 'Last Call' -- his first mixtape of 2010. Coming off a successful year that included touring and recording with B.o.B. and dropping the fantastic 'Liquor Store Mascot,' the ATL rapper is coming back hungry and ready to build on his reputation as a unique lyricist, expert storyteller and one of the funniest rappers recording today.

We linked up with Playboy Tre to get the scoop on all things 'Last Call' and it really sounds like a stunner. Both Joell Ortiz and Lil Jon make appearances, and there's a big track with the Bay Area's Mistah F.A.B. where both rappers touch on their biggest influences.

"I got some features on this one of some people I really respect," Tre told The BoomBox. "I'm really interested to see what the response is going to be. I had an idea to just pay homage to all the great people and artists who inspired me to keep going. There was a time we were told we wouldn't last. I wanted to put Mistah F.A.B. on there to talk about people who inspired him from the West Coast -- people from the Bay, from L.A., or artists we might not even know of from places like Phoenix. It turned out really well."

The record itself provides Tre an opportunity to issue warnings on two fronts. "When it's last call at a bar, you gotta get in and you gotta get out," he explained. "Basically, it's saying that I'm back and if there's any bulls--- in the air, it's over with. It's last call. You have no time. It's my time here now. It's my time to be heard."

The most poignant song we heard off 'Last Call' is called 'Earlene's Son.' It's a heartfelt, soulful exploration of the rapper's personal ups and downs and how his identity as his mother's son has been an anchor throughout his life.

"A lot of people when they first hear it are like, 'That's just so great. You made a song about your mother!" Tre points out. "The funny thing about it is it's not even a song about my mother. It's about me. It's saying, no matter where I go or what I do or what is said or what mistakes I make or what successes or failures I have, I'll always be me. I'll always be Earlene's son. That's my scale of who I am."

'Last Call' is currently slated to drop by the end of August.