Atlanta duo Playaz Circle want to spread the word and raise awareness for convicted felons' voter registration rights. Many felons are unaware of their voting rights, which accounts for a large number of unregistered voters across the country. Playaz Circle is working with organizations to shed some light on issues involving the disenfranchisement of felons.

"Just because someone makes a mistake as a young man does not mean that they should lose the right to vote in a country which they live and pay taxes," Tit, who just registered to vote in Georgia, said in a statement. Georgia is one of many states that allow felons to register to vote upon completion of all obligations to the state. "We need reform, in our laws and for those convicted," PC member Dolla added.

Multi-platinum rapper Ludacris supports the duo's efforts to spark change. "Voting is a fundamental right of every citizen," Ludacris said in a statement to the BoomBox. "So it is important to get the word out to all eligible individuals, including felons, to participate in the voting process."