Call Pitbull wild and energetic, but don't call him one-dimensional.

"People say 'You're the king of reggaeton' or 'You're the Spanish crunk guy.' No, I'm not. Reggaeton is their movement -- I'm just allowed to be in it," the rapper said during a recent trip to AOL Music's New York studios. "At the end of the day, I just love music. I'd love to do some Gnarls Barkley-type songs."

With his hip-hop and world-influenced CD 'El Mariel' in stores Sept. 12 and another Spanish-language album due in '07, the rapper is hoping to dodge all pesky labels.

"I may have misguided [fans] somehow, 'cause my biggest records were for the club. Believe me, I'm-a stay there," he said with a laugh. "I like to go in the club and it be a 30-minute Pitbull session, you know?

"On this album, I just wanna give them the other side of me."