Pimp CTwo years after Pimp C's death, it's certainly no stretch to claim that the hip-hop world still mourns the loss of the Houston legend. Fortunately, Bun B, his former UGK partner-in-rhyme, is hard at work putting finishing touches on a posthumous Pimp C solo record.

Amazingly titled 'The Naked Soul of Sweet James Jones,' the forthcoming album will be the artist's second official solo set and Bun is making sure it meets the duo's high quality standards.

"We had enough vocals, but it wasn't just about taking whatever vocals I had available," Bun B explained to XXL. "It was about constructing songs. It wasn't about just throwing all the Pimp C I had out there. I had to really try to make an album."

By the look of things, Bun B is doing his partner right. The record's cover art was leaked today and features Pimp C in the full glory that fans once idolized. Clad in his trademark white fur robe, C stands regal as can be, flanked by scantily clad women. A red Rolls Royce looms in the background.Bun B originally revealed the existence of 'The Naked Soul of Sweet James Jones' at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, in March, when he explained the difficulty with honoring Pimp C's legend properly to MTV.

"We're trying to do this with as much respect as possible, you know?" Bun B said. "It's a very unique and genuine situation in itself. I'm not really sure if it's ever really occurred as far as hip-hop goes. We're carrying this one with the kid gloves on. I made a lot of mistakes in my life -- I'll probably make a lot more -- I'm just praying I don't make one right now."

Considering 'The Naked Soul of Sweet James Jones' could very well be the best album title we've heard in a while, and that Bun B rarely drops anything without putting in a full effort, the we eagerly await another quality chapter from Pimp C.