NellyThe Taiwanese production company Now the Loop is suing the U.S. based Capital Connections Agency, after they attempted to book St. Louis rapper Nelly for a New Year's Eve party and the rapper never showed up.

CCA, whose name bears a striking resemblance to respected talent agency CAA, allegedly represent Tiger Woods, Bill Gates and the Obamas. CCA's website claims "We are the largest booking agency in the United States and have several offices in Zurich, Switzerland."

Now the Loop wired the "booking agency" $40,000 for Nelly's appearance, but CCA's Durby Brandon claims he didn't receive the funds, and when the money did arrive, argued that its late arrival was a breach of contract, keeping the cash. When the Taiwanese company protested, Brandon allegedly attempted to pull a bait-and-switch, offering an appearance by Ja Rule instead, whom Now the Loop had already booked via his actual agents.

Now the Loop filed charges against CCA on Friday in Manhattan Federal Court, requesting the $40,000 they lost as well as $250,000 in damages for the failed party. Please check out CCA's website, it is amazingly absurd.