Phife Dawg has had his share of health problems over the years, but the A Tribe Called Quest MC is returning to the fold in 2011 with a brand new EP. In addition to Q-Tip's follow-up to 2008's excellent 'The Renaissance,' Phife will drop 'Elma's Grandson' -- a new short effort that seems to be the culmination of a project he teased earlier in the year that paid tribute to Stevie Wonder with the title 'Songs in the Key of Phife Volume 1: Cheryl's Big Son.'

Phife also recently spoke on the prospect of another Tribe record. Both him and Q-Tip have gone on the record to show gratitude at how often their group still receives props in the hip-hop world, and Phife hopes they get to make a final record at some point. As he tells it, they still owe Jive one album, yet it's been like that since the release of 'The Love Movement' in 1998.

"I know people twisting up their lips like, 'C'mon you know something,'" he said in a recent interview. "I'm like, yo, for real, I don't know. All I know is, they call us to do shows every now again, and we on it. And that's a sign for positive things to come hopefully. But as far as the actual album, I couldn't even tell you. The only thing I could tell you is that we do owe Jive one more album, but that's been the case for 12 years now, so, that really means nothing at this point. Me personally, hopefully it will happen, but I can't call it."

Check out the full interview with Gowhere Hip-Hop:

Phife Dawg Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop from on Vimeo